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The Work Center


the work center

Previously known as the "Teacher Work Center", our newly organized area provides many creative options for you to work on projects.


Die Cuts Catalog

Alphabet Shapes




Block (3 inch & 5 inch)








Laminating can lengthen the life of heavily handled materials or serve as a way to preserve old or fragile originals.


Lamination material can be written on with dry erase markers or water-based markers and then easily wiped off with a damp cloth for reuse. If you are going to write and erase often we suggest using the 6 mil. film. Items thinner than typing paper may wrinkle when laminated. Items thicker than 1/16 inch will not go through the laminators.


25" Wide
3 mil - ($0.40 per foot)

6 mil - ($0.75 per foot)

34" Wide
6 mil - ($0.75 per foot)

37" Wide
3 mil - ($0.50 per foot)
10 mil - ($1.50 per foot)


The self-serve laminators in The Work Center are 25" wide and are available with both 3 mil and 6 mil lamination film. We also have larger laminators in the Printshop that our staff can use to complete your projects. The film for that machine is 37” wide and comes in either 3 mil or 10 mil.

Note: We usually have the 3 mil. film on the machine so if you have something that you are wanting done in 10 mil. film please call to schedule a time for your project.


Tips for creating materials
to be laminated:

• Materials that cannot stand heat up to 225 degrees should not be laminated
such as crayons or thermal paper.

Use rubber cement or spray adhesive to create items to be laminated.
Tape, white glue or paste will leave wrinkles.

Don’t use glitter, staples or paper clips on items to be laminated. Envelopes with metal clasps cannot be laminated.



Colorful buttons can give your project a creative twist. Ideal for promoting school events, fund raisers, student awards, art projects and more.

Four sizes available...

button sizes


Teachers and students can produce original artwork for buttons. To get started, follow the simple instructions below.

Making Buttons

1. Download a template.

2. Create your artwork.

3. Print or email the file to us for printing.

(The paper you use in the button makers must be text weight.)

4. Use The Work Center to create your buttons.


Button Templates

1.25" Buttons

1.75" Buttons

2.5" Buttons

3.5" Buttons

Instructional Video

How to change the film on a laminator



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