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I am delighted to be serving your school during the 15-16 school year. Grant Wood AEA staff are eager to assist you with the goals that your district is striving to ensure that each student finds success academically as they prepare for their future. You are encouraged to reach out and use Grant Wood AEA resources that are available. Please contact me if you desire further information. Best wishes for a successful 2015-16 school year.


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A Few GWAEA Notes for North Cedar CSD Staff

  • Early Literacy

    - North Cedar and Grant Wood AEA staff will collaborate to implement, review and develop aligned instruction to support every student to meet the FAST benchmarks for literacy.


    - Together, North Cedar and Grant Wood AEA staff will collaborate to clarify the “what” of literacy by prioritizing literacy standards.  Teachers will participate in LETRS training to refine literacy instructional practices.  Together, we’ll collect evidence  to enhance the clarity of literacy standards, and samples of literacy instruction to reviewed by collaborative teams.

  • MTSS and Technology Integration

    - North Cedar and Grant Wood AEA staff will collaborate to prioritize standards for each course.  Students will have increased clarity regarding the essential concepts and classroom assessments will be aligned to the essential concepts.


    - Every class will embed technology to reinforce the essential concepts for the unit of instruction.  North Cedar and Grant Wood AEA staff will collaborate to select and implement relevant technology tools to enhance student’s acquisition of the essential concepts.

  • Social and Behavior Skills

    - North Cedar and Grant Wood AEA staff will collaborate to refine the PBIS system.  This will include clarifying and teaching social skills behavior expectations, providing supports to students who are initially not meeting the social skills instruction goal(s).  North Cedar and Grant Wood AEA staff will collectively design, implement and monitor tier 2 and 3 PBIS interventions for effectiveness.

  • LCI and Teacher Leadership (Leadership for Continuous Improvement)

    - Grant Wood will staff will partner with North Cedar teachers and administrator during professional learning related to Learning for Continuous Improvement (LCI series). This will include ensuring the professional learning is focused and evidence is collected related to the professional learning goals.  Focus areas will be:


    Prioritizing standards to enhance clarity of instruction and monitoring student progress. 


    Provide teachers support to design, implement and analyze student classroom assessment evidence. Secondary teachers will prepare for the implementation of SBG (Standards Based Grading).

    Grant Wood AEA will assist Teacher Leaders with clarifying role for teachers and administrators.  Evidence will be collected and analyzed related to the effectiveness teacher leader’s support to improve instruction and student learning.  This may include interviews, video evidence of coaching and modeling instruction.

  • Special Education

    - North Cedar and Grant Wood AEA will partner to ensure instruction for students with IEPs is evidence based, progress monitoring evidence is collected and reviewed to change instruction when evidence reinforces a need for different instruction.


    - Special Education teachers and Grant Wood AEA staff will collaborate to ensure that literacy, math and social skills instruction is aligned to the student’s goal.



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