The 2015-16 school year ushers in a year of renewed focus on overall proficiency and continued student growth for XCD. Below I’ve highlighted a few ways GWAEA will be supporting your district’s priorities this year. If you need additional information, you’re always welcome to reach out to me or the other AEA staff listed below. Make it a great year!

Lisa Haverkamp


A Few GWAEA Notes for West Branch CSD Staff

  • We know XCD rolled out FAST assessments last year and is focused especially on interventions based on results from their TIER data, and GWAEA will be supporting you by ……

  • Our staff will be working alongside XCD as the district focuses on the quality of initial eligibility evaluations (Child Find) and reevaluations (Child Found). We’ll help by offering a focus on multiple data sources, looking at sufficient discrepancy data, and ensuring exclusionary factors and matched instructional intervention match the identified student need.

  • Many teachers will see me visiting your classrooms this year as I work to familarize myself with better ways we can support your district. I look forward to the opportunity for more feedback.


Grant Wood AEA Staff Assigned to the West Branch Community School District

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