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Sources of Information


American Library Association: Filtering products
American Library Association: Official web page on filtering and censorship
Center for Democracy and Technology
Digital Freedom Network
Electronic Frontier Foundation
eSchool News Online
A joint report on the effectiveness of BESS--N2H2
National Coalition Against Censorship: On The Issues
Responsible Netizen
Safeguarding the Wired Schoolhouse
School Library Journal
USAC/SLD: Official information

Responsible Netizen

Responsible Netizen is an initiative of the Center for Advanced Technology in Education (CATE) which is located at the University of Oregon.

The purpose of this endeavor is to:

- Develop effective strategies to assist young people in gaining the knowledge, decision-making skills, motivation, and self-control to behave in a safe, responsible, legal, and ethical manner when using the Internet and other information technologies.

- Disseminate these strategies to schools, libraries, parents, policy-makers, and others.

Dr. Nancy Willard, Director of the Responsible Netizen project is a recognized authority on issues related to responsible technology use. Her research of issues related to K-12 Internet use policies, A Legal and Educational Analysis of K-12 Acceptable Use Policies, has been made available on the Web and is a recognized resource for districts throughout the country.

Online Safety

Electronic-School: Online Safety

PowerPoint Presentation: Safeguarding the Wired Schoolhouse


(Major vendors - Not all-inclusive)

Consumer Reports Online: Reviews of Internet Filters

Net Nanny
8e6 Technologies


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