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Users, please be advised: The following information was developed in the early 1990's, and many newer, research-based teaching techniques have been developed in recent years that make some of these methods obsolete. Also, many of the links that this section refers to may have been discontinued or also lead to outdated materials and methodologies. The information in this portion of the Grant Wood AEA Web site is no longer being maintained or updated.

Abstracts and Indexes
Academy One
ALFY: The Educational Web Portal for Kids
Amdahl's "What's New"
Apple Education
Apple Support and Information Web
ARC Academic Resource Center Homepage
Armadillo's WWW Server
Arts & Entertainment
AskERIC Home Page
ASCD-Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Big Sky
Busy Teachers' WebSite
CalTIP (California Technology Information Project / SCORE)
Canadian Kids Home Page
CBS Television Home Page
Children's Page
Classroom Connect Home Page
CNIDR K-12 WWW Servers
Collaborative Lesson Archive
The Cyberspace Middle School
Discovery Channel School
Early Childhood Network
EOS: Educational Online Sources
Education & Training (Ferris State University)
EFF's Extended Guide to the Internet
EINet Galaxy
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Welcome to EmeraldNet
The English Server
European Schools Project (ESP)
Exploratorium Home Page
Ben Franklin's Preview Gallery
Food For Thought - Recipe and Cooking Links
From Now On (Jamie McKenzie's online publication)
The George Lucas Educational Foundation
Guide For Educators (Kathy Schrock)
Halls of Academia

HyperStudio Home Page
HyperStudio Journal
HyperStudio Network Home Page
HyperStudio on the Net

Interesting Places for Kids
The Iowa Behavioral Initiative
Iowa Distance Learning Association
ITEC Home Page
IPL The Internet Public Library
IPTV Interactive
IREN-Iowa Research and Education Network
JASON Project
K-12 Schools on the Web
KCRG Online
KGAN Television: NewsChannel 2 Iowa CBS TV
KIDLINK: Global Networking for Youth 10-15
Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
Library of Congress MARVEL Gopher
Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page
Macintosh Educators Page
Mann Library-Cornell Univ.
Manufacturer Directory
Nat. Endowment for Humanities gopher
National Parent Information Network
New Horizons Regional Education Center
New Tools for Teaching: J.J. O'Donnell
Online Educational Resources
OSC Young Person's Guide to the Internet
Paramount Pictures
Parents Helping Parents (The Family Resource Center)
Pathways to School Improvement
PC Week Labs list of best news sources and on-line magazines
Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
RealAudio Homepage
Welcome to PBS
Resources of Interest To Catholic School Teachers
St. Olaf Internet Resources
Scholastic Home Page
Talent On Line
Tech Corps home page
Think Quest Teachers' Corner
Think Quest
UK Department for Education
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of the Interior
United States K12 Libraries
Web 66
The Whole Internet Catalog
Jon A. Wiederspan (Mac on the Web)
The WWW Virtual Library

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