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Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008

This site is designed to serve as a resource for 504 coordinators, administrators, school nurses, AEA staff and parents of students in Area 10.


Grant Wood AEA is providing the various forms, templates and resources as a service to the school districts. Districts could choose to adopt these forms, or create forms of their own. If they choose to create forms of their own, please be advised to meet the school district responsibilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the ADAAA of 2008.


The School District has the sole responsibility for the development and implementation of Section 504 Plans.

Copies of 504 Forms as Word Templates Word logo and PDF Files PDF logo

Section 504 Form/Template orResource



2012-13 Section 504 Coordinator List


Provides an alphabetical listing of known 504 Coordinators in the GWAEA region

A Parent Guide to 504


Outlines the grievance procedure, Parental Rights, and provides a description of 504 policy

Referral Form


Provides documentation of the first step (referral)

Section 504 Information Sheet


Outlines teacher's and staff's responsibilities

Notice of Parent/Student Rights


Describes the rights granted by federal law to students with disabilities

Notice to Parent of 504 Evaluation


Utilized to obtain parental permission

Section 504 Eligibility Decision Flowchart


Explains the eligibility decision-making process

Section 504 Student Eligibility Form


Details the necessary documentation required to determine if a student meets the eligibility criteria

Possible Areas of Concern:


Provides a list (not intended to be all-inclusive) of the possible accommodations as they relate to specific areas of concern

Section 504 Accommodation Plan


Copies of this official plan are distributed to parents, teachers, the student's 504 folder and District 504 Coordinator

Authorization to Release Information


With proper consent, information regarding a student's diagnosis or other pertinent information can be shared

Section 504 Compliance Grievance Form


Documents the nature of the complaint and the remedy requested

Section 504 Due Process Procedure


Explains the steps to resolving a complaint

Unilaterial Parental Withdrawl From Special Education


Statement from the Iowa DE, which specifies parents rights after unilaterially withdrawing all Special Education Services

FAQ's About Section 504 and the Education of Children with Disabilities


This revised document clarifies the requirements of Section 504 as stated in the Amendments Act 2008

Students with Disabilities Preparing for Post-Secondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilites


Explains the rights of students planning to pursue post-secondary education

504 Eligibility Data - Classroom Teacher Feedback


A feedback tool for 504 teams to use with teachers when a student being referred for a 504 plan

Receipt of 504 Accommodation Plan


A tool to document the communication of a 504 plan with members responsible for the delivery of 504 accommodations

Section 504 Document Checklist.doc


A document checklist to guide 504 teams in the process of consideration

GWAEA Section 504 Training


Presentation Guide for annual 504 training at GWAEA

Cedar Rapids SD 504 Training


Presentation Guide for 504 training used by Cedar Rapids CSD following ADA Amendments Act of 2008




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