; ./data/calweb/readme.htm
; Copyright (c) 1999, 2000 by Great Hill Corporation.
; All Rights Reserved.
; Calendars for the Web - Server Version

The data folder contains the calendar configuration and event
databases for each of your calendars.  The default (first created)
calendar is stored in the ./data/calweb folder.  Each subsequently
created calendar is stored in its own subfolder.

The first time the program runs it will create a number of files 
in this folder including:


If these files exist after the first time you have run the program 
then it is properly installed.  If these files do not exist the 
program will have most likely reported an error - you may use
this information to help debug installation problems.  You may
also see the FAQ.htm file in the ./calweb folder for more information.
Also, please see the Trouble Shooting section of the help file
for more information.

The ./data/calweb folder may be moved to a different location
on your server if you desire, however if you move the folder
make sure that the 'web user' has Write permission to the new

The 'web user' is the user id that your web server assumes when
running CGI programs.  By default, this user is called IUSR_machinename
on Windows and 'nobody' on Linux.  The data folder does not need
Read permission, you may wish to turn off Read permission on this
folder so that visitors to your site may not access these data files
through their browsers.  The data folder should not have Execute
permission.  If it does you have create a location on your web server
where visitors may both Write content and Execute content - probably
not what you want.

If you move the ./data/calweb folder away from its default location
(that is ../../data/calweb (up two and over) relative to the 
./cgi-bin/calweb folder) you must must modify a configuration 
file called ./calweb.dat in the ./cgi-bin/calweb folder.  See that
file for further information.

Because all the data produced by Calendars for the Web is stored
in the ./data/calweb folder you may backup only this folder to 
insure against loss of data.  There is no data stored in any 
registry or other operating system specific location.  If you
are upgrading to future releases of the software your data will
be automatically upgraded when you run the new release for the
first time.

Technical Support
We provide free technical support during your installation and
evaluation period.  If you have any questions at all please call
us at 1-800-949-3334 or email to support@greathill.com.
Reporting Errors
As is true of all aspects of our software, if you find errors,
omissions or confusing information in this file please send
a note to bugs@greathill.com.  Your comments will be greatly
appreciated and we do actually listen - so it may just be

Last modified: Tuesday, July 11, 2000