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Grant Wood Area Education Agency

Data Coach

Applications are being accepted  for enrollment in the 2007-08 Data Coach Cohort.  This course supports the GWAEA strategic priority addressing leadership development and has been designed for the Role Leadership Strand.  The purpose of this course is to improve Grant Wood AEA’s capacity to use and support data-driven decision-making for our staff and clients. 

For details, please see the 2007-08 Data Coach Announcement-Application Guide link below.

For information, contact:

Trace Pickering
Programs/Services Admin.

(319) 399-6550
1-800-332-8488, Ext. 6550

2007-08 Data Coach Announcement - Application Guide [38.8 KB]

Data Collection Guide [82.3 KB]

Data Coach Project Packet

  1. Title page [26.3 KB]
  2. Assignment Project Mind Map [47.3 KB]
  3. Checklist for Project [36.8 KB]
  4. Agreement wtih RF [26.3 KB]
  5. Meeting planner [63.8 KB]
  6. Notes Next Steps [26.3 KB]
  7. Plus Delta [32.8 KB]
  8. Personal Reflection [29.8 KB]
  9. Coaching Planner [31.3 KB]
  10. Coaching Reflection [28.8 KB]

Learning Team Process Outline [53.3 KB]

2007-2008 Data Coach Schedule