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Grant Wood Area Education Agency

Grant Wood AEA
Flood Recovery Update

4:30 p.m., Monday, June 16, 2008

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Counselors Support
CISM Counselors  will be available to any staff who want counseling or support. They will also call agency staff who we know have been personally affected by the flooding. If you know of anyone who may need CISM support, please alert your supervisor.

Sixth Street Facility
No staff are allowed in the Sixth Street office without prior approval from their supervisor.

All staff entering the facility must have a current tetanus shot (within past 5 years).

Staff who work on the first floor of the building will be allowed into the building on the following schedule:


11 – Noon

HR & Business Office; IMS & Records      

Noon – 1 p.m.

PD and Media

1 – 2 p.m. 

Print Shop & Graphics; Technology Support

2 – 3 p.m.


3 – 4 p.m. 

Computer Services


11 – Noon

Communications Department

Noon – 3 p.m.

Others as approved by supervisors

  • Staff must wear boots and rubber gloves, long pants and long sleeves. (Grubby clothes highly recommended.) Bring an extra pair of shoes to change into before getting into your car, and a plastic bag to put the boots into once you leave.
  • Staff with severe allergies or respiratory conditions should NOT enter the building. Wear a dust mask while in the building.
  • Staff should remove only essential and valuable personal items from their work areas.
  • Bring your own box. Boxes will be available at the 33rd Avenue office, if needed.
  • Staff entering the building must enter through the East (back) Door. A staff person will be posted there to check IDs to confirm all people entering are agency staff.
  • Staff who need to get into the building to get materials for their regular agency roles may get permission from their supervisor to access the facility. Other staff who are off contract do not need to enter the building until further notice.

How to Handle Leaves
Options for staff who are scheduled to work these days include emergency or personal leave, vacation, calendar change, or leave without pay. With supervisor approval, staff may also have the option to work from home. The agency may have additional needs for staff to help in a variety of roles. Classified staff should check with their supervisor about these opportunities.

Staff will be not be able to submit leaves or calendar changes until the agency’s systems have been restored.

Payroll will not be disrupted. Automatic deposits were made for the June 13 payroll. Checks that are not automatically deposited were mailed on 6/12/08. If you did not receive your automatic pay deposit notice or your paycheck, this is due to U.S. Post Office delivery problems – not because of agency payroll issues.

Staff will not be able to post timecard information until the agency’s Web site has been fully restored. Even if you are not able to enter hours on-line, we have an alternative solution to process the June 27 payroll.

Employee Relief Effort
We will be organizing a relief effort, including collecting money, clothing and materials as well as identifying volunteers who are willing to assist any staff who need additional help.

Next Steps
Agency phones, email and full Internet access are all down and will not likely be restored until the end of the week. There is only one Web page URL that currently works:  Please encourage fellow staff to check this site for current updates. We will update this site daily.

Agency business and recovery operations will function out of the 33rd Avenue facility until the cleanup at the Sixth Street office allows us to return to that facility. We have contracted with ServiceMaster to perform professional clean up of the facility, which began Sunday, June 15.

The Cedar Rapids Schools will also be using the 33rd Avenue facility as its temporary headquarters during this disaster recovery period, since their ESC was flooded, as well.

If you need your supervisor's phone number, send an e-mail to George Held.

We appreciate your patience during these highly unusual times. We deeply appreciate the offers so many of you have made to support affected staff members through money, resources and your personal volunteering.