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Grant Wood Area Education Agency

Grant Wood AEA
Flood Recovery Update

Monday, June 23, 2008

FEMA Support
Dr. Fielder indicated that Barb Harms has attended FEMA meetings for businesses, and she is in the process of receiving estimates on agency renovations. To obtain FEMA funding, it appears that documentation is important - whether for business or families. Important documentation would include receipts, estimates, and photos of damage. Homeowners may be able to submit an insurance claim if it’s possible to document that their home damage was caused by a sewer backup rather than from the flood waters.

Support of Staff and Leaves Consideration
The agency is reviewing possible leave options that can be made available for employees affected by the flooding. As soon as we have definitive information on this, we will share it with affected employees. In the meantime, managers throughout the agency have devoted a high level of time and energy to supporting agency staff and helping them in as many ways as possible following the flood.

CISM Support
Kelly Jones and Katy Lee indicated that volunteers are still needed to support agency families. Families are at various stages of recovery. Two or three homes still need volunteers. Please call (319) 929-7538 if you can help with cleanup. 

Sixth Street Update
Dr. Fielder and a few other managers walked through the Sixth Street facility on Sunday. The building is now in the process of being sanitized. The ServiceMaster Recovery Team is wearing protective clothing as required by OSHA for removal of the drywall, insulation, mold, and mildew. The areas where they are working are sealed off from GWAEA employees. Release of normal operations for the second floor will be coming in the future.

At this time, the Media Center will be moved into the Conference Center for short-term operations.

On Wednesday around 3 p.m., legislators from this area will do a walk-through of Sixth Street facility.

Maria Cashman reported that temporary office space for Sixth Street staff has been identified. Staff are setting up work spaces so they are functional in addition to continuing to fulfill their job responsibilities.

Staff who need to get materials from the Sixth Street office in order to perform their ongoing work duties need to contact their regional administrator, or program manager. If that person is not available, they may contact Maria Cashman.

If the flood caused families or staff to lose GWAEA toys, equipment or assistive devices that were loaned to them, the agency’s Business Office will provide a method for staff to document these losses.

Next staff update will be Tuesday at 4 p.m. at the 33rd Avenue facility. All staff are welcome.