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2015 Recognition of Employees and Board Members with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 Years of Service Awards and Retirees

Congratulations to the following Grant Wood AEA staff for their years of service. The Staff Recognition and Partnerships Banquet will be held May 17, 2018 at National Czech and Slovak Museum, 1400 Inspiration Place SW, Cedar Rapids.

5 years

Stephanie Anthony, School Psychologist
Maggie Arnold, School Social Worker
Randy Bauer, Board Member
Michelle Bendickson, Accounts Payable Technician
Chad Blanchard, School Improvement Consultant
Becca Brummett, Speech-Language Pathologist
Julie Cook, Curriculum Consultant
Alaina Daters, Curriculum Consultant
Andrea Dechant, Speech-Language Pathologist
Shawn Driscoll, Computer Services Consultant
Lindsey Duncan, Speech-Language Pathologist
Heather Evers, Special Education Consultant
Jamie Forster, Early ACCESS Service Coordinator
Janet Greene, Curriculum Consultant
Jen Hackathorn, Special Education Consultant
Natalie Hahn-Mauck, School Psychologist
Jane Harney, Data Services Technician
Sue Heath, Secretary
Buffy Johnson, COTA
Erica Jones, Speech-Language Pathologist
Sue Lala, Special Education Consultant
Emily Lee, Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Colleen Lipes, School Psychologist
Richard McGrath, Curriculum Consultant
Amanda Miller, Speech-Language Pathologist
Kari Miller, Curriculum Consultant
Michelle Nuehring, Autism Consultant
Brent O'Rourke, School Psychologist
Amanda Osborn, School Psychologist
Kimberly Phillips, School Social Worker
Regina Rogers, Technology Consultant
Bridget Schuster, Special Education Consultant
Anne E. Speer, Curriculum Consultant
Amy Stevens, Special Education Consultant
Malinda Svoboda, Curriculum Consultant
Connie Tucker, Speech-Language Pathologist
Marty Van Roekel, Special Education Consultant
Erikka Vosmek, School Improvement Consultant
Shana Wagner, School Social Worker
Deanna Weber, Media Specialist
Denise Wedel, Paraeducator
Allyson Wheelan, Itinerant Preschool Teacher
Angela Williams, Early ACCESS Service Coordinator
Jamie Zearley, Speech-Language Pathologist


10 years

Steve Bartlett, Curriculum Consultant
John Berning, Teacher: Off-Site Programs
Niki Boller, Audiologist
Arlene Brant, Curriculum Consultant
Mary Disterhoft, Paraeducator
Karen Harper, Special Education Consultant
Lindsay Heying-Hines, Special Education Consultant
Ronda Hilbert, Special Education Consultant
Mary Lindstrom, Speech-Language Pathologist
Joe McElwee, Speech-Language Pathologist
Kristi Miiller, Behavior Consultant
Susan O'Dell, Special Education Curriculum Specialist
Laura Post, Speech-Language Pathologist
Sarah Riley, Speech-Language Pathologist
Daniel Sackett, Technology Systems Technician
Julie Sigwarth, Early Education Specialist
Jaime Strickler, School Psychologist
Erin Welsh, Facilitator

15 years

Sue Gates, Board Member

Amy Grahs, Occupational Therapist
Katie Young, Teacher: Off-Site Programs
Mary Zobeck, Science Center Assistant
Dianna Zumbach, Special Education Consultant


20 years

Tina Hoffman, Regional Administrator
Martha Hurst, School Social Worker
Lauri Jennisch, Occupational Therapist
Jennifer Kaiser, Speech-Language Pathologist
Jill Ries, Regional Administrator
Glen Schmitz, Physical Therapist
Monique Smith, Speech-Language Pathologist


25 years

Greg Bickal, Programmer
Sandy Edwards, Computer Services Consultant
Julie Freed, Speech-Language Pathologist
Kate Goddard, School Social Worker
Kristy Henessee Kruse, Speech-Language Pathologist
Tara Johannsen, Creative Services Supervisor
Melinda Mohr, Speech-Language Pathologist
Jack Rainey, School Psychologist


30 years

Lisa Cannon, Speech-Language Pathologist
Valerie Taylor Hill, Public Information Specialist

35 years

Debra Wilke, Speech-Language Pathologist

2017-2018 Retirees

(as of April 20, 2018)

Arlene Brant, Curriculum Consultant - Literacy
Kathy Colton, Speech-Language Pathologist
Joseph Crozier, Chief Administrator
Gail Cummins, Library Associate

Charles Gustafson, Curriculum Consultant - Math
Deanna Haddy, Paraeducator
Jayne Kamberling, Media/Tech. Support Technician
Kenneth Lee, Paraeducator
Rita Merta, Financial Accounting Assistant
Patti Sorsby, Speech-Language Pathologist
Jerry Stevens, Computer Consultant
Joan VanBerkum, Audiometrist
Deb Wilke, Speech-Language Pathologist
Lisa Wilson, Programs/Services Administrator
Pat Yossi, Data Services Technician


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Grant Wood Area Education Agency extends equal opportunities in its employment practices, educational programs and services, and does not discriminate on the basis of color, gender, race, national origin, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, veteran status or as otherwise prohibited by law. If you believe you or your child has been discriminated against or treated unjustly, please contact the Agency’s Equity Coordinator, Maria Cashman, at 319-399-6847 or 800-332-8488 or TDD 319-399-6766, Grant Wood AEA, 4401 Sixth St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

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