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June 16, 5:30 p.m.


GWAEA Board meeting

June 21- Aug. 13


GWAEA summer hours

Aug. 18


GWAEA All-Agency Inservice, College Community, Concert Hall

Facilities to be Sold, New Opportunities to be Sought

33rd Avenue facility put up for sale

On Thursday, June 3rd Grant Wood AEA entered into an agreement with Coldwell Banker to list and place on the market for sale the Agency’s 33rd Avenue facility. This decision was made for several reasons:

  • While a nice facility, it no longer meets our needs.

  • The Agency is making a concerted effort to “go green” and maintaining and using this building no longer makes sense economically or practically.

  • There are several community-wide initiatives in the works that may provide the opportunity to co-locate some of the work done at 33rd with other related efforts across the community that potentially could be more cost-effective and customer accessible.

Several questions have been raised about this effort and they and their answers are below:

  1. What happens if an offer is made? Are there “taking possession” guidelines that allow for a move that would not interrupt service to our schools? Yes, we would negotiate a reasonable possession date to correspond as best we could with the VAST, PEP, and other schedules affected by the sale of the facility – with the possibility of leasing all or some of the space back for a period of time if need be.

  2. What are the plans for finding an alternative location for VAST and PEP? Will there be an opportunity for staff to have input into the priorities? The local STEM group wants to house Science Station, science and math consultants, our new VR work and VAST in one location if possible. A location better suited to the work of VAST and PEP would be researched and secured with assistance from the leadership and staff of the affected groups.

  3. What locations will the agency be considering? CR area? IC area?  Yes – anywhere along the I380 corridor for quick and easy access to 380.

  4. How fast will this happen? Do we need to make alternate plans right now for 2010-2011 work and events at 33rd? Likely not very fast – the commercial real estate market is not a robust one right now. One thing to note – there are several properties similar to ours for sale on 33rd Avenue and most are in better shape than ours. Most of these properties have been on the market for 24 months or more. While the possibility always exists that we could have a buyer quite quickly, our current assumption is that this is something we aren’t going to have to worry about for some time.

Negotiations under way for the sale of the Coralville facility on Holiday Road.

The Agency is currently in negotiations with a private entity interested in purchasing the Southern Facility on Holiday Road. This move is being made in order to provide better accommodations for Southern staff. Student population growth has been occurring in the districts served by staff housed at the Southern facility and the facility has been undersized for the needs and demands for some time. This sale will allow the Agency to search and secure a more suitable property to house the work emanating from the Southern facility.

Several questions have been raised about this effort and they and their answers are below:

  1. What happens if an offer is made? Are there “taking possession” guidelines that allow for a move that would not interrupt service to our schools? Yes, we would negotiate a reasonable possession date to correspond as best we could to ensure as minimal a disruption to our work as possible – we are hopeful that we will be able to lease the property back for a period of time in order to secure a suitable new location and make plans to move.

  2. What locations will the agency be considering?  We will be seeking property along the I380/80 corridor in or around the Iowa City/Coralville area.

  3. How fast will this happen? If we can agree to terms with the private entity, the sale of the Southern facility could happen within a few months – with possession dates to be mutually determined by Grant Wood AEA and the buyer. If this private entity chooses not to purchase the facility, we will seek a realtor and place the property on the market. This would obviously push a sale and move-out date back substantially.

PBS Isn’t an OK Acronym

Those staff who have used the acronym PBS to refer to Positive Behavioral Supports will have to use a new acronym, thanks to a “cease and desist order” from Public Broadcasting. PBS is a trademark of the Public Broadcasting Service; and their organization has determined that use of “PBS” to describe anything else is too confusing to the public. Therefore, if you work with or refer to Positive Behavioral Supports, the new “proper” name we need to use is Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). We have edited references to PBS on the agency’s website pages dedicated to this topic, and have changed it to PBIS. If you have Portal documents that refer to PBS, please modify them. We will not be reviewing and editing Portal documents.

Summer E-mail Reminders

It is again the time of year to remind staff about dealing with e-mail accounts over the summer. The increasing volume of e-mail and the demand for storage space on the server makes it very important to keep your mail account cleaned out. With our iMail web mail system, hopefully you will be able to check your e-mail account regularly from your home Internet connection, the public library or some other Internet connected computer. It is also possible for you to automatically forward your work e-mail messages to your home e-mail address. Automatic forwarding can be enabled in the “Preferences” section of web mail.

We discourage the use of a vacation message because it adds to the spam problem when vacation responses are sent to received spam. If at all possible, use web mail or a forwarding address instead of relying on the vacation message. If you feel a vacation message is necessary in your situation, use the “Auto Responder” feature instead of the Vacation message. Apply the Auto Responder to only the Inbox folder. This will prevent auto-responses to messages that go into the SPAM folder. You will find the Auto Responder setup in the web mail Preferences, just above the Vacation message.

Users who will be unable to keep their e-mail account cleaned out this summer can take the following steps:

1. Download and delete old messages and attachments saved in web mail.
2. Unsubscribe from all list serves and other mail lists and news services.
3. Notify frequent senders to not send e-mail over the summer months.
4. Check e-mail via web mail and clean out your mailbox as often as possible.

When returning in the fall:

1. Update virus definitions before accessing e-mail. Don’t open suspicious messages or attachments...just delete them!
2. Clean out the accumulated mail messages.
3. Remove the vacation message, auto-responder message, and/or automatic forwarding address.
4. Re-subscribe to mail lists.

If you have questions about web mail or summer e-mail, please contact Technology Support at Ext. 6738. Thanks for your cooperation.

Retirement Celebrations




A Retirement Party for Nancy Dearborn, GWAEA school psychologist, will be held Thursday, June 10 from 3:30-6:30 p.m.on the patio at Mulligan's Pub, 1060 Old Marion Rd., Cedar Rapids. Live Music by Jason Ray Brown, The One Man Band.


Megan Burke-Brunscheen, Inclusion Resource Specialist, and husband, Dan, are proud parents of Lauren Carley born on May 28. Lauren is welcomed home by big brother, Reed.

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