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Grant Wood Area Education Agency

The Bulletin Board archives, 2008-2009

Date of issue


Cover article



June 2009


June 19, 2009


School board service
Insurance ID Cards


June 12, 2009


Summer is time for College for Kids
Work from Home
Phone Update
IPERS Contribution Rates Changing


GWAEA Summer Van Schedule

June 5, 2009


Ready...Set... (Restoration of Sixth St. Facility)
Working from Home for 2009-10


Working from Home for 2009-10

May 2009


May 29, 2009


Agency Leadership Group Holds Graduation
2009-10 Holidays
Employee Assistance Program


Frontline Employee, June 2009

May 22, 2009


Corridor STEM Initiative Holds Second STEM Showcase
Travel Policy Changes
Community Partners tour the VAST Center
IPERS Contribution Rates Changing
Tornado Safety


State of Iowa Educators Discount Program

May 15, 2009


Banquet a Success in Spite of Circumstances
Agency Summer Hours
Employee Insurance Benefits
Iowa Core Curriculum position


Job Description, Administrative Coordinator
Iowa Core Curriculum

May 8, 2009


Iowa School Board Recognition Week
Employee Insurance Benefits
Retirement Celebrations


Frontline Employee, May 2009

May 1, 2009


H1N1 Flu Has Reached Iowa; Next Steps...
Agency staff to serve as mentors
Information regarding 2009-2010 2nd Floor Space Design
GWAEA 6th St. New Entrance
GWAEA Staff Years of Service


Job Description, Mentor
Information regarding 2009-2010 2nd Floor Space Design
Design Criteria
GWAEA 6th St. New Entrance

April 2009


April 24, 2009


GWAEA Graphic Artist Earns Top Communications Award
Media Center open!
We want your success stories
Employee Insurance Benefits
Retirement celebration announcements


April 17, 2009


2009 Staff Recognition & Partnerships Banquet
Contracted Staff - Assignment Change Procedures
Week of the Young Child
Good News from your EAP


Banquet Table Reservation Form

April 10, 2009


Customer Survey Results Are Now Available
Tentative Contract Agreements - Information/Ratification mtg.
New IEC Student and Teacher Software Store


All Survey Responses to Key Questions

April 3, 2009


Communications Audit Surfaces Questions about Web site
US Cellular Discounts from the IEC
Sixth St. Building Update
Media Center prepares to move in April
Agency blood draw


March 2009


March 27, 2009


Iowa Department of Education launches new information site
Nominations due for GWAEA Staff Recognition &
Partnerships Banquet
Website offers parents a look at the Iowa Core Curriculum
Agency blood draw
Coming your way from the GWAEA Association
Media Center prepares to move in April


March 13, 2009


Legislative Services Agency Report Offers Interesting
Fiscal Insights about AEA Funding
Important Notice about Vision Insurance
Staff Tours at 6th St.
Welcome, New GWAEA staff


Negotiations Update
Teacher Quality Update - Professional Development Dollars
for Individual Plans Now Available

March 6, 2009


Staff Recognition and Partnerships Banquet planned
Iowa AEAs...Impacting Lives
From the Payroll Desk
Contracted Staff - Timelines for Salary Changes
Contracted Staff - Assignment Change Procedures
Media Center prepares to move in April


Frontline Employee, March 2009

February 2009


February 27, 2009


Publishers and Book Seller Generous to Agency Offsite Program
Attention Coffee Drinkers
Media Center prepares to move in April


February 20, 2009


RHMIR Position Enhances Agency Hiring Efforts
Long-term Care Insurance
Media Center prepares to move in April
Reminder for Contracted Staff: Professional Leave Reimbursements
Technology Support Videos


Prudential Long Term Care Insurance

February 13, 2009


Agency Banquet, The Bunker, PEP Newsletter now online
Property Give Away
Be Aware and Change Your Perspective
Computer Timesaver Tip


February 6, 2009


GWAEA Organizational Leadership Program
Application for the Grant Wood AEA Agency's
2009-2010 Organizational Leadership Program


Frontline Employee, February 2009

January 2009


January 30, 2009


Correct Area Education Agency Administrator Numbers
Budget Memo and FAQ's
Facilities Update
From the Payroll Desk


Frontline Employee, February 2009
Notice to All GWAEA Staff - Equity Policy
Notice to All GWAEA Staff - Harassment Policy
Notice to All GWAEA Staff - Controlled Substance Abuse/
Alcohol-Free Workplace

January 23, 2009


New Floor Plan of Main Office Begins to Emerge
Mailroom Information
New GWAEA Staff


January 16, 2009


Warm reception for area legislators
Construction Progress Report
New GWAEA Staff


January 9, 2009


Register article about AEAs misleading
Agency responds to statewide budget cuts
6th St. Facility moves fully into construction phase
Virtual office demonstration and tour available to staff


Frontline Employee, January 2009

December 2008


December 24, 2008


Agency Board approves $500K in renovations


December 12, 2008


Giving in a Time of Great Need
United Way Campaign closes successfully
Flood Recovery Update


December 5, 2008


Data Resources abound for GWAEA staff
Podcasts on Statewide AEA Site provide information to parents


Frontline Employee, December 2008

November 2008


November 21, 2008


Grant Wood AEA Facilities Update


November 14, 2008


It's Winter!
From the Payroll/Benefits Desk


Frontline Employee, November 2008

November 7, 2008


School Psychologists Provide
Mental Health Services to Improve the Lives
and Learning of Children
Early Separation Plan Revised
LOFT Office Design Survey Results Online


October 2008


October 31, 2008


Grant Wood AEA Staff provides screening services


October 24, 2008


LOFT Facilities Project Team provides opportunity to preview a sample office configuration at 6th St.


October 17, 2008


Iowa AEA Online offers educational resources to educators, students
TQ Salary dollars for contracted staff


October 10, 2008


Podcasts on statewide AEA site provide information to parents
Internship opportunity for computer programming


Frontline Employee, October 2008

October 3, 2008


6th St. Building Update
Welcome to GWAEA staff!


Frontline Employee, October 2008

September 2008


September 26, 2008


Live United! United Way campaign


September 19, 2008


Make your web search tool and earn money for Grant Wood AEA
LOFT Video on GWAEA Web site features agency's facilities history
Welcome to GWAEA staff!


Frontline Employee, September 2008

September 12, 2008


Board to consider revised separation policy in September
Reminder to update emergency contact information
Flu shots scheduled in October


September 5, 2008


Helping staff affected by floods
Statewide voluntary preschool program school districts announced
LOFT subcommittee on facilities holds first meeting


403b Plan (TSA) Update
Teacher Quality Update
Grant Wood AEA Sixth St. Building History
33rd Avenue Parking Sharing Session
Travel Reimbursement (Mileage reporting)

August 2008


August 29, 2008


GWAEA publishes RFP for construction of a new pre-cast Data Center


Frontline Employee, August 2008

August 22, 2008


Toe tapping music makes money for Agency Flood Relief Fund
Backing up your important data to the server or other storage device
Insurance special enrollment reminder
GWAEA picture page - All Agency Inservice, R & R Event in Walford


August 15, 2008


Facilities Update and information
Copy Center continues service


Continuation of Insurance Coverage for Dependent Children
R & R Event
Travel Reimbursement (Mileage reporting)
Rebuilding Phase Guidelines for Home Officing

August 8, 2008


All Agency Event will provide a key update
33rd Avenue parking reminder


August 1, 2008


Grant Wood AEA Facilities Update


Important Update and Key Information Regarding the 2nd Flood of GWAEA's 6th St Facility
Media Center resumes operation
Quote Charity Golf Tournament

July 2008


July 25, 2008


Grant Wood AEA Facilities Update


Important Update and Key Information Regarding the 2nd Flood of GWAEA's 6th St Facility
Media Center resumes operation
Quote Charity Golf Tournament

July 18, 2008


Flood Recovery and Facilities Update
Additional parking map
GWAEA Employees: July 2008 - St. Luke's EAP Program


July 11, 2008


Communication and Information regarding 33rd Avenue Office space and home officing
Equity Statement Update
GWAEA flood pictures