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Sept. 3, 2012
Agency closed in observance of Labor Day

Sept. 19, 2012
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United Way Capaign Is Running NOW
iPad Update
GWAEA Transition to GMail
21st Century Learning Institute
STEM Scale-Up Programs
Name badge reminder
The 2012-2013 Area 10 Education Directory is online
Thank you
Welcome, New GWAEA Staff
CPU to welcome Dr. Paula Kluth on Oct. 11
GWAEA on Facebook, Twitter
Refrigerator Cleaning Day
GWAEA Webinars
TQ Professional Development dates
GWAEA Professional Development Opportunities
Buy, Sell or Trade


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United Way Campaign Is Running NOW

Unlike previous years, the agency’s United Way Campaign has started. If you have not received a pledge sheet for either


Johnson County or for East Central Iowa, contact George Held for the appropriate pledge form for where you live.


Make a Difference in Education

Your contributions to either United Way campaign will make a difference in education in our area. The programs both United Way offices support are intended to help make pre-school children ready to participate and compete in today’s classrooms. They also focus on ways to help students in upper grades to become better citizens and to reduce drop-out rates.
Gifts to the UWECI campaign last year helped to:

  • Pay for 717 parents to take parent-education classes.

  • Provide quality childcare and preschool to 593 children.

  • Offer after-school programs to 1,180 youth in our communities.

How Your Money Helps

  • An investment of only $1 per week (a $2 per pay period pledge) can provide 4 hours of crisis childcare for a family in need.

  • A pledge of $5 per week - $260 – can provide 135 pounds of food to local food pantries.

  • A pledge of $5.50 per week - $286 – will support delivery of 50 meals to a struggling senior citizen or adult.

  • A pledge of $10 per week - $520 – pays for 37 low-income children to get dental screenings or it can pay for 15 hours of financial counseling for a family in need.

Get in on The Fun & Drawings!

The United Way campaign in East Central Iowa includes drawings for pledges turned in. In order to allow staff to participate in ALL of their drawings, we need to have East Central Iowa pledges submitted to the Communications Department by Sept. 27. We will submit all staff who have submitted pledges so that they may qualify for all of the drawings. To learn more about this drawing and the prizes, get details at the United Way site:


Our campaign goal for this year is for the combined United Way contributions and pledges to meet or exceed $20,500.


Please turn in your pledge by no later than Sept. 27 so that you can qualify for the drawings!

iPad Update


Get Your Agency iPad App Order in Today!
Orders are now being taken for agency iPad apps. Seeing as it is the beginning of the year, you will be able to choose up to ten apps from the Tier 1 or Tier 2 list.


The apps on the Tier 2 list generally cost significantly more than those on the Tier 1 list, so you will be required to provide additional information on how you hope to use these apps. We will also pass these requests to RAs or other management staff for approval so that we can ensure that the right people are getting the right apps.


If you are new to the Agency, or have not ordered apps before, please click here to read about the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 apps. Descriptions of each app and a link to the iTunes Store can be found on the GWAEA iPad Project Site.

You can access the order form by clicking here or by visiting the GWAEA iPad Project Site. Please note, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN IN WITH YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT BEFORE YOU ORDER.  The current window for app orders will be open until September 7, 2012, at which point no further orders will be accepted. Please submit your orders in a timely manner to ensure that you receive the apps you think you will need.


App of the Week


This week’s App of the Week is Sock Puppets.  Sock Puppets allows users to easily create no-stress digital stories and videos.  Just choose your puppet, scenery, and backgrounds and hit the record button.  You just touch the puppet that is to speak as you talk and it will automatically animate.  Kids will love using this app, especially once they hear their voices on it!

Check out this video for a taste of Sock Puppets.

The basic version of Sock Puppets is free.  The Deluxe version includes all of the in-app purchases for $3.99 and is available NOW through the agency app order.  That is due September 7th so don’t miss out!

Grant Wood AEA Transitioning to Gmail

by Stacy Behmer
Coordinator of Digital Learning Technology


The first webinar has been completed and quite a few people have successfully transitioned to the new mail client! It looks a little bit different, but so far so good and people are liking some of the new features that are included! There will be another webinar on September 5th from 8-9am. You can visit the Gmail transition site for more information:

We will be transitioning this fall from using our current email server (IPSwitch) and Outlook to using the mail server in our Google Apps Domain (Gmail). Your email address will NOT be changing, just the client you use to check your email. There are a lot of features in the new email client that you will like and make your workflow easier! One of the biggest benefits will be the fact your computer, iPad, and smartphone will all sync email!  You will also have a global address book with all agency staff and have the ability to manage your own contacts and create your own groups or list serves.

We will be transitioning ALL agency staff this fall and after the Thanksgiving holiday we hope to have everyone transitioned over to the new system. The transitioning of staff will take place in a two phases webinars and face to face workshops.

Phase 1: I Can Move Myself- Webinars
These webinars will be offered in August and September for staff who feel like they can understand the transitioning steps through a webinar and are comfortable moving themselves independently. There are support resources provided on our GWAEA Transition to Gmail website.

Phase 2: I Need Support to Transition- Workshops
These workshops are for staff who would like to have face to face support in moving their current email and contacts to Gmail as well as getting the basics of Gmail up and running. You must sign up for the Transition Workshops on the GWAEA PD Site.

We have a number of supports and resources in place to help us transition and get going with the new email client. You can always visit the Tech Integration help desk to ask a question during help desk times. In the spring we will be offering more workshops to show some of the added features Gmail has to offer!

Please let me know if you have any questions! Stacy Behmer, Coordinator of Digital Learning


21st Century Learning Institute

Register today for the 21st Century Learning Institute for Grant Wood AEA staff. This course is is intended to build knowledge of the Iowa Core Curriculum technology literacy skills while creating a collaborative community of learners.

Participants of this institute go on to mentor colleagues in integrating technologies in their position. Please let Stacy Behmer, know if you have questions about the institute and see the GWAEA Professional Development site to get registered for this year’s cohort.

STEM Scale-Up Program applications
due Sept. 14


The Corridor STEM Initiative (CSI) – Engineering is Elementary (EiE) component selected as one of 12 Iowa STEM Scale-Up Programs for 2012-2013



The Governor’s STEM Advisory Council announced a call for applications to participate in the STEM Scale-Up programs for 2012-2013. School teachers, youth organization leaders, informal education professionals and other organizations delivering STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) educational programs can apply to bring one or more of 12 specially selected programs into a club or classroom this fall.


The Corridor STEM Initiative (CSI) – Engineering is Elementary (EiE) component was selected as one of the 12 Iowa STEM Scale-Up Programs. CSI intends to increase the number of Iowa students that enter and succeed in the Iowa workforce by engaging students in exciting, inquiry-based, hands-on STEM programs that extend the classroom learning experiences.

Grant Wood AEA's contact is Jim Thornton. Visit the website for more information,, or view the Scale-Up Project: CSI After School Video at


Thornton explained, "The CSI After-School Program has been recognized as one of the top 12 STEM programs in the State of Iowa. The selection affords teachers and after-school programs the opportunity to take training on how to most effectively instruct students, using EiE kits, in STEM after-school settings. Students from across the state will have an extended STEM learning opportunity that employs fun, exciting, hands-on activities."


GWAEA Chief Administrator Joe Crozier has been appointed to the STEM Advisory Council Regional Board – Southeast Regional. The Southeast Hub is supported by Kirkwood Community College and the University of Iowa.


Crozier said, "As a member of the Southeast Iowa STEM Hub Advisory Council, I would strongly encourage teachers to make application for the CSI Engineering is Elementary  (EiE) program for students in the Grant Wood AEA service area, and to consider the other STEM Scale-Up programs. This is a unique opportunity for educators to provide STEM experiences for students in southeast Iowa."

Learn more about the Iowa STEM Scale-Up Programs at

Name Badge reminder..

Please remember to show our receptionists your GWAEA name badge when entering the building or sign-in and obtain a temporary staff badge.

The 2012-2013 Area 10 Education Directory is online


The 2012-13 Education Directory is now updated and online.


Also, a iPad and phone app has been developed, which is currently in its Beta testing phase. We encourage those of you who have phones that can accept apps and/or if you are an iPad user to go to XYZ site and download the app.

Please click here to request a printed copy of the Area 10 Education Directory. A limited number will be printed. Please respond with your request for a printed copy by Sept. 14. Thanks!

Thank you

With deep appreciation this communication shares my gratitude for:

- Those who physically joined with our families at the Ivester Church of the Brethren to celebrate Kirby’s life
- To those who have offered words and cards of caring and sympathy
- To those who have held myself and Kirby’s family in thought and prayer
- To AEA personnel statewide that Kirby has worked with over the years
Not ever did he say “maybe I should look for another job."

In your expressions of care and words that honored Kirby and his contribution to the web IEP and the web IFSP you have honored his memory.
My deepest thanks to all.
Carol Leland

Welcome, New GWAEA Staff!


Whitney Achenbaugh
Speech-Language Pathologist
M.A. Speech Pathology and Audiology
The University of Iowa

Whitney shared this is her first position as a SLP and,
"I am very excited."


Nicole Akerly
Speech-Language Pathologist

Masters - Speech Pathology


Wendy Anderson
Curriculum Consultant
MS, Education - Buena Vista University

Wendy's most recent position was at College Community as an 8th grade language arts teacher.


Brice Beck
School Psychologist
MAE, University of Northern Iowa


Erica Buffington
School Social Worker

MSW, University of Illinois


Robert Cassidy
Regional Administrator

Specialist, Drake University
Robert was a principal at Ventura for four years, and a special education teacher at Des Moines North for three years.


Michelle Cowell
Technology Consultant

Curriculum & Instructional Technology,
Iowa State University

Michelle worked 11 years at Waverly-Shell Rock as a middle school librarian working to improve technology integration.


Susan Crichton
Autism Consultant


Denise Dermody
Occupational Therapist

St. Catherine College
Denise has held previous occupational therapist positions at Northern Iowa Therapy, AEA 267, and Grant Wood AEA.


Matthew Doane
Technology Consultant

B. A. Elementary Education, University of Northern Iowa
From Aug. 2010-June 2012, Matthew was at Sanders Unified School Distrct on the Navajo Reservation.


CPU to welcome Dr. Paula Kluth on Oct. 11

Center Point-Urbana Schools is considering bringing Dr. Paula Kluth ( to the district on Oct. 11 from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 pm at CPU High School in Center Point (with 1 hour lunch).
Dr. Kluth is a consultant, teacher, author, advocate, and independent scholar who works with teachers and families to provide inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities and to create more responsive and engaging schooling experiences for all learners.  CPU has asked for her presentation to staff to target the Iowa Core and Teaching for Learner Differences…getting ALL of our teachers to see inclusive students as their own (in combination with Dr. Kluth's keynotes from Joyful Learning & Dwelling in Possibilities.)
CPU Administration would like to extend the invitation to see Dr. Kluth at $60 per guest  to reduce our costs for presenter fees and travel expenses. If interested in this opportunity, please contact Jennifer Burkhart at
Information on how to register and registration confirmation will be sent by mail. Please respond by Sept. 14 with an indication of your interest in partnering in this learning.

Mercy - Cedar Rapids presents the webinar:

Could it be ADHD?

Date: Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012
Time: 12 - 1 pm

Presenters: Dr. Mary Eyanson and Darcy Koehn, ARNP

To learn more or to register, visiti

Grant Wood AEA on Facebook facebook logoand Twitter twitter logo

Are you connected with Grant Wood AEA? The agency has a presence on both Facebook and Twitter. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. For questions, contact the Communications Office.


The transfer of the GWAEA Historical Timeline continues to Facebook. Did you know...

  • The Joint County School Systems preceeded the formation of Iowa's AEAs?

Like us on Facebook to follow along as with the Grant Wood AEA timeline.

Refrigerator Cleaning Day

Today is the normal cleaning day for the agency’s refrigerators. All food items will be removed and thrown away, but condiments, salad dressings and unopened beverage containers (such as pop or water bottles) will be left in the refrigerator. We will purge all items in the refrigerator only twice a year – in December and in July. (We’ll put a reminder about this in The Bulletin Board as we approach the December date for cleaning.)


Grant Wood AEA Webinars

Visit the link above for archives of the Grant Wood AEA webinars.

The 2012-2013 TQ Professional Development proposal application dates are:

Sept. 6
Nov. 21
Feb. 27
May 29

The proposal templates and directions are on the GWAEA Staff Portal under the Teacher Quality Committee link.

Grant Wood AEA Professional Development opportunities


Information for Professional Development National Speakers for 2012-2013 is now on the Professional Development Google Site.  To access Google site, log into your Google account, click on Sites, and browse sites. 

Professional Development Announcements – September 2012



Basic Administration, Scoring and Interpretation of Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS-Next)


Advanced Reading Assessment and Instruction


Curriculum Based Evaluation for Reading and Written Language


Instructional Practices Inventory: A Process for Analyzing and Improving Student Engaged Learning


Professional Development Announcements – October 2012



Multi-Modal Communication Strategies for Children Who Have Complex Communication Needs - PODD Communication Books Introductory Workshop, Linda Burkhart


Implementation Strategies and Building Fluency with PODDs, Linda Burkhart


Brief Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan Training, Beener


Teaching and Learning for Today’s Diverse Learning Community, Dr. Tyrone Howard


Professional Development Announcements – November 2012



Hands On Equations, making Algebra Child’s Play


Using Wraparound for Students with Behavioral/Emotional Challenges, Dr. Lucille Eber


STAR Autism Program Training, Arick and Gill


Curriculum Workshop, Arick and Gill

19124 -12 -01

Designing a Rigorous ELA Block, Walpole and McKenna


Making Challenging Texts Accessible: Support through Vocabulary and Comprehension Instruction, Walpole and McKenna



iPad Professional Development

There are a series of iPad workshops being offered in the next couple of weeks. See the GWAEA Pofessional Development site to register.




Grant Wood AEA Staff training opportunities including Gmail transition workshops:



For a complete listing of all upcoming trainings:


For more information, contact Sherry Sines, Professional Development Coordinator,
ext. 6517.

Buy, Sell and Trade


Found: A blue igloo cooler has been found in the Staff Break Room. If it is yours, you can find it in there next to the counter.


For Sale: Baldwin piano with cherry finish, excellent condition, tuned regularly.  Includes bench. $1750. 319-365-8061.


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Grant Wood Area Education Agency extends equal opportunities in its employment practices, educational programs and services, and does not discriminate on the basis of color, gender, race, national origin, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, veteran status or as otherwise prohibited by law. If you believe you or your child has been discriminated against or treated unjustly, please contact the Agency’s Equity Coordinator, Maria Cashman, at 319-399-6847 or 800-332-8488 or TDD 319-399-6766, Grant Wood AEA, 4401 Sixth St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

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