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Grant Wood Area Education Agency

Business Services/Human Resources Staff

Amy Cameron x6707
Accounts Payable Technician

  • Pays invoices: utilities, rent, contracts, all purchases
  • Processes/pays mileage & expense claims
  • Processes professional leave reimbursements/maintains balances
  • Processes purchase orders
  • Prepares journal entries/account number corrections

Kathy Resewehr x6748
Human Resources Secretary

  • Prepares/updates job vacancy postings
  • Updates Assignment/Job Line announcements
  • Processes job applications & schedules interviews
  • Maintains employee & job description files
  • Processes leaves & maintains leave balance information
  • Processes salary lane changes

Barbara Harms x6704
Business Manager

  • Oversees business services operations
  • Manages accounting & finance procedures
  • Administers Agency budget
  • Analyzes & interprets financial statements
  • Prepares financial reports
  • Supports/supervises business services support staff

Jackie Schreder x6731
Human Resources Coordinator

  • Oversees HR operations
  • Supports Agency & employees with HR procedures
  • Administers personnel compliance functions related to state/federal regulations and Agency policies
  • Administers collective bargaining agreements
  • Assists in the development & review of policy issues
  • Supports/supervises HR support staff

Cathy Kearns x6706
Administrative Specialist-Compensation/Benefits

  • Administers insurance plan
  • Issues payroll checks
  • Maintains time card system
  • Processes TSA (403b) contributions
  • Prepares W-2 statements
  • Processes W-4 tax withholding forms/changes
  • Contact for work-related injury reporting

Denise Scott x6705
Administrative Specialist-Business Services

  • Maintains internal office supply store room & serves as contact for external vendor of supplies
  • Processes invoices to schools, businesses & individuals
  • Processes receipts & prepares bank deposits
  • Processes credit card charges
  • Serves as contact for vending machine problems/refunds

Kim Lytle x6703
Administrative Specialist-Human Resources

  • Maintains HR information system
  • Prepares personnel reports, records & communications (Board action items, seniority reports, evaluation schedules, etc.)
  • Prepares employment contracts & wage notices
  • Monitors license renewals
  • Assists with orientation & mandated training of new staff
  • Schedules temporary employees from temp agencies

Caroline Twachtmann x6873
Mail/Receiving Clerk

  • Delivers intra-office & van mail
  • Inventories Agency property
  • Processes Agency outgoing mail
  • Processes Agency outgoing freight packages (UPS, Airborne, Fedex)
  • Receives, checks-in & delivers freight deliveries (UPS, Airborne, & FedEx)
  • Receives/delivers U. S. mail