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Grant Wood Area Education Agency

Frontline Employee newsletter

June 2009

In this issue:
Payoffs for Not: Sweating the Small Stuff
Postponed Retirement
Heavy Smokers Can Quit
Water Safety Tips Worth Heeding

Parents: Beware Eating Disorder Web Sites
Introducing Freecycling
Building Resilience to Prepare for Stress
Save Money on Groceries: Shop Less Often!

May 2009

In this issue:
Five-Minute Stress Zapper
Aim at Bugs, Not the Earth
Older Americans Month
Trouble with Assertiveness?

Supporting Someone with Depression
Resource Ideas for Lost Jobs
EAPs Outside the Office
Too Much Team Talk?

March 2009

In this issue:
Suicide Prevention
Let Scholarships Find You
Your Heart Needs to Sleep It Off
Teaching Resourcefulness to Your Child

Answering Tough Teenage Questions
Staying Up During the Downturn
Slay the Energy Vampires
Go Natural in Your Spring Cleaning

February 2009

In this issue:
Hidden Motivators for Exercise
Maximize Productivity: Take Breaks!
Incentives to Lose Weight Works
Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone

Secrets of Small Talk
Kick Cravings to Keep to Your Diet
Work With Your Moods
Helping Your Child "Think College"

November 2008

In this issue:
So the Layoff Didn't Affect You?
Sleepy at Work?
Is ADHD Getting in the Way?
Holiday Eating Survival Tips

Action and Attitude Manage Stress
Forgo and Fed Off Gossip
Emotional Intelligence and Customer Service
Overtime and Methamphetamine

October 2008

In this issue:
Use Cash and Expenses Get Slashed
Compress and Conquer Stress
Get Motivated to Pay Off Debt
Teens: 42% Can Buy Marijuana Same Day

Commonsense Socializing
Fixing Broken Relationships at Work
Put the Freeze on Job Burnout
Hidden Hazards of College-Age Drinking

September 2008

In this issue:
Run for Your Life!
Time Logs Tell All
Online Behavior Can "Off" Your Career
"You've Got Mail!" (What About Productivity)

Give Teen Drivers the Total Experience
Don't Be a Conflict Avoider?
Time to Get Some TLC
Back-to-School Shuffle

August 2008

In this issue:
Mastering Open-ended Job Interview Questions
Nap Time for "Left Brainers"
If You're Stalked
Couples Counseling: When Only One Will Go

Negotiation Skills for Everyone
Lazy Ways to Improve Creativity
Be an "Entrepreneur" for Your Employer
Squeezing Work Time: "Parkinson's Law"

April 2008

In this issue:
Plug into a Positive Mental Attitude!
Parents: Talk about Prescription Drugs
Relationship Issues Compound Financial Stress
Avoiding Trigger-happy E-mails

Powerfully Respectful Workplaces
Thirty Days to a New Habit?
Sell Yourself First and the Ideas Will Follow
Avoiding Accidents with the Elderly

February 2008

In this issue:
The Answer's in the Group
Developing a Safety Culture
Battling Against Sleep a No Win
Being Sick Can Be Bad for Your Health

Was It a Panic Attack?
Attitude-Changing Secrets
Families Fighting to Fit It All In
Nurturing Your Creative Juices

January 2008

In this issue:
Build Your Immunity to Criticism
Pay Attention to Accolades
Adapt to Technology and Thrive
Help Prevent Internet Harassment

Affected by a Mentally Ill Family Member
2008: Eat Right, Exercise...Plan for Setbacks
Shyness: Overcoming Over-Awareness
Using Office Politics as a Positive Force

December 2007

In this issue:
Is Shopping Season Giving the Signal?
Putting the Earth On Your Gift List
Making Holidays More Positive
Don't Let Depression Discount Retirement

Can Gratitude Pay Off?
Sexual Harassment: It's More Than You Think
Delegating: Not Just for the Boss
Find Hidden Cash with Cutbacks

October 2007

In this issue:
Shine at your review
Practice with the small stuff
Drug-free Work Week, Oct. 14-20
Talk up the EAP - Take down violence

Making Negative Feedback Nicer
Preventing Suicide Among the Elderly
Consume the news with awareness
Avoid online get-rich-quick schemes

August 2007

In this issue:
Create Happy Customers - Don't Wait for Them
Act to Stop Pre-diabetes
Blood Pressure and Sound Sleep
Manage Stress Right Now

Give Payday Loans a Pass
Get a Grip on Team Gripes
Who's Using Drugs?
Injury Prevention at Home and Work

July 2007

In this issue:
Do-It-Yourself Performance Management
Hispanic Workers at Increased Risk of Injury There's a Time and Place for You
Office Workers More Prone to Blood Clots

Goal Achievement...The Power of Focus
Getting a Better Perspective on Respect
Impaired Professionals
Promotions: Work vs. Responsibility

June 2007

In this issue:
Staying Safe at your Late-Night Job
Don't Overlook Career Counseling
Recovering from a Disappointing Review
Good-bye to Homesick at Summer Camp!

Overboard with "Role Overload"
Putting on a Positive Attitude
Facing the Loss of Your Home
Depression By the Numbers

May 2007

In this issue:
Schizophrenia-Families on the Front Lines
Stay Active - Live Longer
Avoid Lunch at Your Desk
Say Yes to Teaching Youth to Say "No"

What an Employer Wants
Virginia Tech and Secondary Trauma
Confronting a Coworker's Personal Habits
Tips for Team Leaders

April 2007

In this issue:
Your First Hundred Days
Families Facing Deployment Stress
Exercise Even If You Smoke
Mental Health Day Again?

Pathways to Powerful Speaking
Using Pen Power to Fight Stress
Do-It-Yourself Conflict Resolution
Spring Break: Yes, Say Something about Alcohol

March 2007

In this issue:
Is Your search for Work-Life Balance Over?
Common Sense Soccer Season
Teen Abuse of Coricidin
Log on to the New Food Pyramid

Big Shoes to Fill
Should I Disclose My Mental Illness?
Difficult People Closer Than You Think?
Avoid the Dark Side of Moonlighting

January 2007

In this issue:
Don't Quit Your Job Yet!
Other Back Injury Culprits
Warn Teens About Predatory Drugs
Early Smoking: Trigger for Trouble

Negotiate Like a Champ
Get Fired Up for 2007
Speak Up for Support
Where has All the Motivation Gone?