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Apps Promote Wellness and Wellbeing

Thanks to Kelli Robertson, GWAEA Autism Consultant and member of the GROW Committee, who will be sharing apps that promote wellness and wellbeing.

Screen Shader F.lux is a Chrome Extension

Kelli shared, "Are your eyes looking at too many IEPs or web documents? Are your eyes showing signs of fatigue or are you suffering from headaches? If you spend a lot of time looking at computer screens and have sensitivities like me, this may be a good extension for you!"

Screen Shader F.lux

"The Screen Shader F.lux Chrome Extension is one that I use everyday. It puts a colored 'overlay' on your screen to reduce the vibrant white 'glare' and flickering effects from the computer screen; you can select your prefered color and darkness/lightness of the transparency you want. I have fewer headaches/migraines and less eye strain when I use this extension - and I can definitely tell the difference when I don't use it. It is a great extension for students as well who may be sensitive to light or may need the color to help focus/track better on a screen."

Momentum is a Google Chrome Extension

Kelli shared," Once you add it and set it up, you will get a scenic view whenever you open a new window, complete with a personal greeting and a motivational quote of the day - as well as a task list of top priorities for the day to focus on and check off. I find it to just be a periodic 'mindful' interruption to breathe and remember my goals for the day."


Unstuck (also a free "Unstuck app" - rated 5 STARS!)

Kelli shared, "The site provides life advice and has great FREE resources that even Oprah has noticed! Even though I started recommending this app/site a few years ago for my high school students and young adults with autism spectrum disorders and other

social/emotional challenges (and maybe my husband...), this is not just for them! I enjoy the articles and advice as well! It was developed for adults feeling 'stuck' in their lives and choices. I'm getting feedback from teachers and colleagues I've recommended this to that they find it very helpful for themselves! Find out how you can improve your own mindset! Sign up for a free weekly newsletter OR  explore the site to find self-help articles that can reduce your guilt, ease your anxiety, make you more comfortable with change, find motivation, improve relationships, become goal-oriented, and gain positivity!"

Stop, Breathe & Think - (free; available for Android, Apple, or web-based)

"I've been loving this app. It takes a 'baseline' of your emotions/stress-level and then recommends meditations for you to complete that 'match'

your state. Guided meditations vary in length; most are 4-7 minutes. You get positive reinforcement for completing meditation minutes and the app has a data board ("My Progress") to give you numerical feedback and graphing of your emotions, meditation minutes, and favorite meditations. Enjoy meditations for stress release, body tension awareness, family meditations (with the kids!) and more. There are 'premium' meditations that cost to download, but there are plenty of free ones that are great!"

Breathe2Relax - Free; available as iOS app and Android app. This app has a calming visual scene with a visual meter to help drive slower/extended breathing. Great for a few minutes of purposeful/mindful breathing!



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