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Iowa Core Webcasts

The Iowa Department of Education has posted the Iowa Core webcasts. The webcasts explain the process the Department went through to integrate the National Common Core State Standards into the Iowa Core in literacy and mathematics, and an introduction to the literacy and mathematics standards for grades K-12.

Grant Wood AEA Iowa Core Professional Development Opportunities
2010-2011 archive

Career Awareness Class, June 21-23, 2011

Schools in Iowa are increasing their efforts to develop 4 Year plans. These plans will increase student awareness of careers to be pursued. This class is designed to support middle and high school teacher`s efforts to become more familiar with the changing careers for students in the 21st Century. Teachers will acquire information related to changing career options and career pathways. The class will provide each teacher an opportunity to develop specific plans to be implemented that will increase the ability of students to find and analyze information related to careers. Teachers will become aware of changing careers and acquire information related to career pathways.

Implementing the Iowa Core through the Fine Arts, June 28-30, 2011

Presenter :
Leon Kuehner, Northwest Iowa Community College
Supported by Myra Hall, Iowa Core Facilitator,
Grant Wood AEA

Area educators will make meaningful and explicit connections between fine arts opportunities and the outcomes of the Iowa Core. The fine arts provide numerous avenues to capitalize on students’ interests and support learning needs. Through fine arts experiences, students develop skills for success during and beyond their K-12 experience.


Iowa Core throught he Fine Arts

See attached flyer for information.

Iowa Core Leadership Academy, 2010-2011

Iowa Core Implementation Plan Collaborative Review

Iowa Core Spring Collaborative Review and Planning for 2011-2012

Iowa Core Spring Peer Review to Districts




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