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Grant Wood Area Education Agency

Design Team Members Access BaseCamp Here

Launching Our Future Together Project (LOFT)

Office Design Comments from Survey.doc [743.3 KB]

Office Design Data.ppt [1044.8 KB]

Project LOFT Update in The Bulletin Board 3/14/08 [30.8 KB]

Creating the Next Generation of GWAEA: Design Team Powerpoint from Jan 30, 2008 Meeting [358.3 KB]

Video Streamed information

Demonstration Office Layout for Grant Wood AEA Employees
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Windows Media [5.6 MB - 2:24]

Share your ideas! Click here to access the Grant Wood AEA Idea Board

Grant Wood AEA Facilities History by Cliff Ehlinger, recorded Sept. 12, 2008
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Introduction of Launching Our Future Together Project (LOFT) by Dr. Ron Fielder
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Windows Media [18.2 MB - 7 m]

Grant Wood AEA's Problem Formulation.ppt [11382.8 KB]

LOFT Problems Description PPT with No Voice-Over.ppt [529.3 KB]

GWAEA Initial Design Ideas November 2007.ppt [415.8 KB]

Audio Streamed information

Introduction of Launching Our Future Together Project (LOFT) by Dr. Ron Fielder

Audio (MP4) [4.1 MB - 7 m]

Assignments and Readings

Submitted design specifications as of 9/15/07 [176.8 KB]

Frequently Asked Questions about the Project L.O.F.T. Process [56.3 KB]

Executive Summary from Tough Choices or Tough Times, a report by the National Center on Education and the Economy

Transforming the Systems Movement by Russell Ackoff

Summer Design Team Study Guide [120.3 KB]
This document is the guide for the Design Team to work from over the summer as the team prepares to interact with the larger Grant Wood stakeholders this fall and help us move towards a design. The guide is provided here in case you would like to learn about the process along with the Design Team.

The Design Team - Team Makeup & Responsibilities

Project L.O.F.T. Design Team Minutes, 9.17.07 [176.8 KB]

Project L.O.F.T Design Team [82.3 KB]

A group of diverse Agency stakeholders called the Design Team will guide the Design process. The Design team will be made up of internal and external stakeholders to the Agency. The Design team will consist of no more than 46 members – large enough to provide ample representation and small enough to be an agile and effective team. The makeup of this team will be determined using the following criteria:

  • Must participate in meeting on May 21-22, 2007.
  • The team will reflect the “census” of the Agency – roughly similar percentages as compared to the four generations of workers, gender, ethnicity, work role, and region/assignment.
  • A wide spectrum of personal beliefs about the agency should be represented – from those deeply committed to the Agency’s current direction to those who feel skeptical about it.
  • The Design team will also include external stakeholders, the board, various work groups/teams and agency sites.
  • Rather than including all regional administrators and department managers, selection of these individuals will be by region/work area, allowing approximately half these administrators to be on the Design Team without making them a majority of the team.

Selections will be made based upon the applications received and the above criteria utilized to create an appropriate balance and mix. In cases where more than one person could fill one or more criteria, each applicant is asked to provide a maximum100-word explanation about why they would like to participate. The explanation will be used to help determine the extent to which each person could fill multiple criteria for team selection.

Final selections will be reviewed by Dr. Fielder and GWEA President Larry Allen to ensure the selection criteria has been appropriately and consistently applied. Any Agency employee who submits an application to join the team and who is not selected will be invited to attend and participate in the opening day introduction to the process on May 21. Individuals who applied and who attend the opening day introduction will be utilized as alternates in the event a Design Team member cannot continue their participation.

Administrators will be responsible for ensuring that the design is carried out and resources are aligned and appropriate to achieve the design goals.