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Grant Wood Area Education Agency

Applications due April 20 for new statewide eCurriculum team

March 21, 2011

Contact: Grant Wood AEA
Communications Office
(319) 399-6714

Iowa educators teaching in the areas of Algebra I, English I, Physical Science or Social Studies are invited to apply to become part of a select statewide team implementing a new digital eCurriculum.

Here are some benefits to becoming a part of this team:

·   You will be among the first to implement a statewide eCurriculum.
·   You will engage in continuous professional dialogue aimed at collectively shaping 21st century learning in Iowa.
·   You will be connected and supported by a community of innovative practitioners.
·   You will receive training and professional development in facilitating eLearning and Communities of Practice.
·   You will be reimbursed for your time and contributions (stipend).

To learn more, click Iowa EdTech CoPi

To register, complete the Survey of Commitment

For additional information, please contact Nancy Movall. Deadline to register is April 20, 2011.