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Comprehensive School Improvement Plans

In 1998, the Iowa Legislature established a Community Empowerment process, pooling and allocating funds to partnerships within geographical areas which focused on the well-being of families with young children and the removal of barriers to receiving education, health and human services. School board members, administrators, teachers and families are invited to be part of the process. Grant Wood AEA staff have been an integral part of Community Empowerment efforts in each county, can explain the legislation and its impact on schools, and can assist in getting involved with local efforts.

Jeanie Wade-Nagle
Early Education Supervisor



Early Childhood Iowa

Data Collection and Analysis

Districts are using the Grant Wood AEA On-line Assessment System, an Internet system, for collecting, recording and analyzing district-wide assessment data.

Michelle Tressel
Instructional Integration Facilitator


Evaluations and Stakeholders (Customer) Satisfaction

Agency staff can assist schools with developing evaluation strategies, with collecting and tabulating data, and with interpretation and analysis for determining if results meet the expectations of decision-makers and taxpayers.

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Many of the agency’s certificated staff have been trained in meeting facilitation skills. Staff is available to facilitate groups in local communities or schools or to train others in using the skills.

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Learning Supports

Learning Supports include a wide range of strategies, programs, services, and practices that are implemented to create conditions and environments that promote pre-kindergarten to 12th grade student learning. Learning supports promote healthy development for all students and address barriers to learning that students may encounter.

Jill Weigel
Regional Administrator


Learning Supports website

Quality Data Tools

Classroom Data Tools

Grade or School Level Data Tools
Progress Monitoring Tools
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School Improvement Processes

Grant Wood AEA is supporting local district choice for School Improvement processes, and will provide training, materials, networking with other districts, and ongoing staff assistance to the extent possible. Most SI models incorporate a process of building awareness, assessing needs through public involvement, setting goals, developing and implementing plans, and evaluating results. The Grant Wood AEA Professional Library provides information for examination and comparison of these models.

Keith Stamp
Reional Administrator


Bart Mason
Reional Administrator


ITBS-ITED test results

Strategic Planning

Agency staff certified through the American Association of School Administrators can facilitate or train others in planning strategically for the future. The process is based on analyzing strengths and barriers; establishing a vision, a mission, and core beliefs; developing Action Plans...all through a community involvement process.

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Grant Wood Area Education Agency extends equal opportunities in its employment practices, educational programs and services, and does not discriminate on the basis of color, gender, race, national origin, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, veteran status or as otherwise prohibited by law. If you believe you or your child has been discriminated against or treated unjustly, please contact the Agency’s Equity Coordinator, Maria Cashman, at 319-399-6847 or 800-332-8488. Grant Wood AEA, 4401 Sixth St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

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