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Scientific Living-Feedback Form

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Scientific Living

Solar System
Outer Space
Space Technology
Space, Time & Big Ideas
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Feedback Form


Ryan Burchett, host


Teacher Feedback Form

VERY IMPORTANT: Teacher survey for Scientific Living.

It only takes a minute, and all responses will be scored in evaluating the success of the program. Thank you!

1. The program is designed to make you feel more comfortable using online media in the classroom. In this regard, would you say the program made you "more comfortable," "less comfortable," or were you "already comfortable" using online media.

2. Did you access the program "online," on a "CD," or on tape with a "VCR?"

3. If accessed through your computer or CDs, is your classroom equipped to display the videos where the whole class could see them?

4. The movies are designed to act as a "hook" for student interest and discussion. In this regard, would you say the program is "very effective," "moderately effective" or "not effective"?

5. What grade do you teach?

6. How many of your students would you estimate saw the program?

7. Would you say you used "all", "most," "some," or a "few" of the episodes?