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Common Agency Learning - Technology

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The following steps will take you through a self-paced Common Agency Learning activity for technology. Keep the Word document, sent to you in the e-mail, open during your work. You will need to use it for your answers to questions in this activity. If you have any problems along the way, contact your coach.

Internet Explorer

To use Internet Explorer effectively, you need to know the following functions. If you do not know these, please contact your coach


    •  Click on the ONLINE RESOURCES link above

    •  Bookmark this page by clicking on FAVORITES and selecting:  ADD PAGE TO FAVORITES


     Click on each resource to answer the following questions:

    •  Click on Iowa AEA Online

    •  Bookmark this page.  Use this FAVORITE when you need to return to this page

    •. Open the document that was e-mailed to you, entitled: "TCA Goals"


    Iowa AEA Online 

    Question:   Name the 7 online resources funded by the Iowa AEAs. Please Include this in your Word Document.


    Login information:

    •  If you are not automatically logged in when you click on each of these resources, use the following User Name and Password (Note: User Name and Password are case sensitive):

    User Name: gwaea

    Password: AEA10


    •  Log in, using the above information

    Question:   How many maps are shown on the page that appears if you click on Maps from the menu on the left?

    Question:   How many of these maps are Featured Maps?

    •  Close the window - Iowa AEA Online should be still be open

    Atomic Learning

    Question: What does the character on the Atomic Learning Home Page say?

    (hint:  it is in the bubble)

    Note that  a new Browser window has opened.

    •  Click on "WINDOWS TUTORIALS" - The WINDOWS TUTORIALS page will appear

    Question: Name one application included in the list of tutorials

    • Use the back arrow on your browser to return to the Atomic Learning home page

    Question: Complete the following sentence, as it appears on the page: As a subscriber to Atomic Learning you have _________________________________ .

    •  Close that window. Iowa AEA Online should be still be open

    • If you receive the Please Sign In page, use the following user name and password

    User Name: gwaea            

    Password: AEA10

    Question:  From School Edition, complete this sentence: Welcome to, School Edition, home to  __________________________________.

    •  Click "Sign Out" in the upper right of the page

    •  Close that window. Iowa AEA Online should be open



    •  Select High School Magazine Collection

    •  Under the first box, entitled (MAS Ultra-School Edition), select Title List

    Question: What is the first publication that starts with the letter A?

    •  Close that window. Iowa AEA Online should be open


    Multimedia Archive

    • Click on "Search the Archive"

    •  Type the word today in the When field

    •  Click the search button

    Question 1: Identify the title of a picture and creation date of the photo.

    •  Click the clear selection button

    •  Type the word Lincoln in the What field

    •  Type 1864 in the When field

    •  Click the search button

    Question 2:  How many images were found?

    •  Click on Logout on the left side of the page

    •  Close those two windows. Iowa AEA Online should be open


    • To login, enter the following user name and password:

    USERNAME: gwaea10


    • Click ENTER button

    You will see the Unitedstreaming main page.


    •  Locate the box:  Keyword

    •  Type the word: Tree

    •  Click on the GO button

    You will see that there are 88-videos. There are also 100 still photographs.

    •  Click on Images

    Question:  What’s the title of the first still picture?

    •  Click on Videos

    • Click on the title of the first video listed

    • Click on Show Media Controls to select the media type you prefer

    (If you are on a Macintosh, select the QuickTime choice - If you are on a PC, select the Windows Media Player choice)

    • Click on the Video Download instructions for information about downloading video clips

    • Close the new window

    (You will notice that the video is divided into video clips. Each clip is preceded by an S (streaming video), D (download), and an A (add to Playlist).)

    •  Click the S to stream the video clip entitled Leaves

    •  When finished, click Log Out on the far right side of the green menu bar

     You should now be on the unitedstreaming log in page.

    If you would like to use this video streaming product which is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, from any location you may do so by registering as follows:

    •  To register, enter the following passcode in the two boxes located below the words "New User Passcode:

     917B – 6986

    • Click on SIGN UP

    •  Fill in the information on the Welcome to unitedstreaming! page and you will be registered to use video streaming at any time

    If you need any assistance in completing this registration, feel free to contact your coach


    World Book Online

    Question:  How many topic categories are in red on the Homepage?

    Question: Identify three categories listed in red?

    • Close that window. Iowa AEA Online should be open

    •  Select the back button on your browser


    Question:  Name the seven MCI Foundation partners listed on the right side of the MarcoPolo page.

    •  Click the back button of your browser



    •  Use the Bookmark/Favorite you created earlier to return to Iowa AEA Online

    • Click on Atomic Learning from Iowa AEA Online

    •  Click on the menu bar selection entitled, “Curriculum Tools.”

    Under the section entitled, “Classroom Curriculum – T2T Lesson Plans,”

    •  Click on Microsoft Excel Lesson Plans

    •  Read the paragraph entitled “Using Microsoft Excel in the Classroom”

    Question:  What are the 3 components of the “Activiity Library” files?

    •  Click on the link below to see the Excel chart:


    Question: Which group has the greatest number of brown M&M’s?

    •  Close that window - Iowa AEA Online should be still be open


    •  Click on the link below:

    Feel free to look at any of the books.

    •   View the book entitled "Cleveland ABCs"

    Question: What did the designer use for the letter “L”?

    •  Look at the book entitled "My Farm Animal Book"

    Question: On what slide do you find the turkey?


    •  Save your Word document as "CALTech"

    • Move the following statement, found at the bottom of the document, to the top:

    "Grant Wood AEA Technology thanks you for participating in our Common Agency Learning."

    •  Type your name, agency e-mail address, and agency telephone number at the bottom of this Word document

    •  Save your document again

    •  Attach your completed Word document to an e-mail, and send it to

    You have now successfully completed the Common Agency Learning Technology Goals