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Communications Specialist

Reports to: Director of Communications
May 2020

Classification: Salaried

Job Summary:
Conceptualizes, creates, implements and optimizes communications initiatives that support Grant Wood Area Education Agency programs and services to help ensure success for all learners.


  1. BA degree in marketing, journalism, public relations or communications (or alternatively, AA degree and two years of related experience)
  2. Advanced technology skills
  3. Knowledge, experience and demonstrated aptitude with multi-media communications including writing, still photography, website content management, video creation and social media.

Essential Functions:

  1. Initiates and executes communication projects from planning stage to final completion for internal and external distribution, including brochures, flyers, newsletters, signage, blogs, social media campaigns and website content.
  2. Writes, edits and proofreads agency publications, web content, feature stories and communication materials, which includes: writing; editing content; helping to identify high profile concepts; coordinating photos to accompany stories; and ensuring content meets established communication goals.
  3. Creates, implements and optimizes the agency’s communications campaigns on appropriate social media platforms to ensure the agency is maximizing promotional and awareness opportunities in social and new media.
  4. Collaborates to plan and update communication collateral; presents and communicates content ideas to stakeholders.
  5. Writes in a clear, concise manner; proofreads materials to ensure accuracy.
  6. Responds to inquiries from employees and the public, screens and directs individuals as appropriate
  7. Assists agency staff with producing, writing and editing video
  8. Captures agency staff and district activities through still and video photography.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Supports the statewide AEA system as needed.
  2. Participates in projects, committees or activities to support the program, Agency mission, goals and/or priorities.
  3. Strategizes with the Director of Communications on direction of the agency’s communication efforts.
  4. Writes press releases and prepares information for the media.
  5. Supports and incorporates new communication tools and creative dissemination strategies to strengthen overall awareness of the agency.
  6. Demonstrates self-discipline and initiative to produce high-quality, organized and dependable results.
  7. Conveys a positive and professional image to staff and public.
  8. Maintains current knowledge of best practices and trends in the field of marketing and communications.
  9. Follows policies, procedures, standards and rules of the agency and industry which includes, but is not limited to, developing and maintaining proper and adequate records and documentation.
  10. Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to communicate effectively and maintain effective working relationships.
  2. Ability to function effectively as a team member and work collaboratively with others or independently as appropriate.
  3. Ability to think critically about situations, proactively anticipate and address challenges, and troubleshoot when issues arise.
  4. Ability to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively through speaking and writing.
  5. Ability to use good judgment and be resourceful in handling situations..
  6. Customer-oriented communication skills with sensitivity to staff and community
  7. Comprehensive knowledge of communication technologies, systems, techniques and procedures.
  8. Knowledge of best practices in public relations and communications.
  9. Advanced technology skills.
  10. Ability to organize, interpret and use data to make sound decisions.
  11. Ability to apply and integrate technical knowledge, techniques and expertise into an effective style of service.
  12. Ability to maintain confidentiality and demonstrate understanding for sensitive situations.
  13. Ability to read and interpret documents, write reports and correspondence, and apply appropriate mathematical concepts.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Ability to travel between sites served.
  2. Normal, routine levels of activity related to bending, carrying, climbing, hearing, lifting, reaching, sitting, standing, vision and walking, and may also involve above-average levels of activity at times that can’t always be anticipated.
  3. Sufficient manual dexterity to be able to operate all equipment needed to completed assigned responsibilities.
  4. EOE/M-F-H-V