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Director of Human Resources

Reports to: Associate Administrator or designee

Classification: Management
Date: 04/19

Job Summary:

Provides leadership to the Agency as it relates to personnel matters.  Plans, coordinates, directs and leads day-to-day personnel activities and the general operation of the Human Resources Office.  Facilitates appropriate employment practices and procedures, assumes lead responsibilities for negotiations process, administers collective bargaining agreements and monitors policy issues.


  1. Master’s degree in the area of human resources or related area.
  2. Five years of experience with human resource administrative functions.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge of license rules and regulations as required by the Dept of Education.

Essential Functions:

  1. Provides leadership, direction and guidance to management in the recruitment, selection, assignment, evaluation and retention of quality staff.
  2. Provides general oversight and leadership for human resource operations.
  3. Administers all personnel compliance functions and reports to help insure the Agency meets state and federal regulations, Board policies and administrative procedures related to personnel.
  4. Implements and coordinates Agency activities related to employment and retention of personnel.
  5. Assumes lead responsibility for negotiations process and administers collective bargaining agreements, as well as terms and conditions of employment for personnel exempt from the bargaining unit.
  6. Assists with the development, review and communication of Board policies.
  7. Assists with due process procedures related to personnel concerns, grievances, discipline or termination.
  8. Manages the maintenance of personnel filing systems to provide efficient, accurate and current records.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Participates in projects, committees or activities to support the mission of the program and Agency.
  2. Participates in staff development and professional growth activities.
  3. Maintains knowledge of current state and federal laws, best practices and other sources of information relevant to personnel and collective bargaining.
  4. Responds to requests of Agency personnel on matters not clearly covered by regulations, policy or legislation.
  5. Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to communicate effectively and maintain effective working relationships.
  2. Ability to collaborate and resolve issues effectively as a team member and/or independently, as appropriate.
  3. Ability to convey a positive and professional image to staff and public.
  4. Ability to handle information in a confidential manner.
  5. Working knowledge of laws and practices related to human resources.
  6. Ability to integrate employment trends and theories into appropriate practices for Agency contexts.
  7. Ability to integrate theoretical knowledge, techniques, and expertise into service style that facilitates positive change and continuous improvement.
  8. Ability to read and interpret documents, write reports and correspondence, and apply appropriate mathematical concepts.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Normal, routine levels of bending, carrying, climbing, reaching, sitting, standing, and walking.