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Financial Accounting Assistant

Reports to: Business Manager

Classification: Salaried
Date: 3/27/09

Job Summary:
Provides technical support for accounting systems and operations in the Business Services/Human Resources Offices. 


  1. BA degree in accounting, business administration or related field; or, alternatively, combination of education and experience equivalent to Associate degree and three years of experience in an accounting position.
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of grant administration and reporting.
  3. Proven skills with business office equipment related to the position.

Essential Functions:

  1. Assists with preparation of annual budget and monitoring of expenditures.
  2. Assists with project accounting and prepares reports for grants and contracts.
  3. Compiles information to assist in internal and external report preparation and audit activities.
  4. Monitors funds in accordance with Board policies and Uniform Financial Accounting for Iowa LEAs and AEAs.
  5. Performs monthly bank reconciliation and adjusting journal entries to balance cash.
  6. Supports credit card processing and reconciliation of revenues.
  7. Coordinates administration of the 403b/tax sheltered annuity plan.
  8. Develops, maintains and processes records and documentation in accordance with Agency policies and procedures.
  9. Initiates and responds to communications from internal and external clients.
  10. Coordinates and assists with the fiscal year-end process.
  11. Provides technical support for Agency negotiating teams.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Participates in staff development and professional growth activities.
  2. Participates in projects, committees or activities to support the mission of the department and Agency.
  3. Assists staff with finance system questions.
  4. Assists with research pertaining to personnel, including salary, fringe benefits and other pertinent projects.
  5. Maintains financial records for vending machines and miscellaneous funds.
  6. Coordinates accountability for capital equipment inventory including supervision of annual physical inventory.
  7. Assists with reconciliation and annual rollover of leave system.
  8. Performs other such duties as may be assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to read and interpret documents, write reports and correspondence, and apply appropriate mathematical concepts.
  2. Knowledge of accounting practices.
  3. Proficiency in computer skills, including spreadsheet and word processing software.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively.
  5. Ability to maintain effective working relationships and function as a team member.
  6. Ability to work independently and to develop and implement work systems.
  7. Ability to prioritize, organize and problem solve with individuals, groups and teams.
  8. Ability to handle information in a confidential manner.
  9. Ability and willingness to be flexible and responsive to changing needs of clients and the Agency.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Normal, routine levels of bending, carrying, lifting, climbing, reaching, sitting, standing, and walking.
  2. Sufficient manual dexterity to be able to operate office equipment including, but not limited to, computers, fax machines, copy machines, typewriter, calculators, telephones.