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Technology Systems Technician

Reports to: Technology Support Supervisor
Region or Department:

Classification: Classified, 8

Job Summary:

Provides direct technical support and assistance to AEA clients and staff with software, hardware, and equipment that is supported by the GWAEA Media & Technology Center.


  1. Two year computer technician degree or high school diploma and two years of experience in computer technology support.
  2. A+ certification within one year of employment.
  3. Experience with multiple computer platforms.
  4. Current valid driver’s license.

Essential Functions:

  1. Sets up new Agency computer equipment and peripherals.
  2. Provides support and maintenance to Agency hardware.
  3. Troubleshoots computer software, hardware and peripheral problems.
  4. Performs software, hardware and peripheral installations and upgrades on Agency computers.
  5. Provides assistance to AEA staff and clients on supported computer software, hardware and peripherals.
  6. Provides input on technology issues.
  7. Provides advanced support to audio/video area.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Develops and maintains proper and adequate records and documentation in accordance with Agency policies and procedures.
  2. Provides technical support to Agency sponsored conferences and events.
  3. Participates in projects, committees or activities to support the mission of the program, unit and Agency.
  4. Participates in staff development and professional growth activities.
  5. Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to communicate effectively and maintain effective working relationships.
  2. Ability to function effectively as a team member.
  3. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  4. Ability to apply technical knowledge for problem solving.
  5. Ability to be flexible in meeting the needs of clients.
  6. Ability to prioritize and coordinate multiple tasks.
  7. Ability to read and interpret documents, write reports and correspondence, and apply appropriate mathematical concepts.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Ability to travel between schools/sites served.
  2. Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds for frequent transportation of materials/equipment.
  3. Sufficient manual dexterity to be able to operate all equipment needed to complete assigned responsibilities.
  4. Normal, routine levels of bending, climbing, reaching, sitting, standing, and walking.