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Technology Support Program Lead

Reports to: Educational Technology Services Coordinator
June 2013

Classification: Salaried

Job Summary:
Leads, coordinates and facilitates activities of Technology Support team and oversees day-to-day operations of Technology Support program. Initiates/supervises projects and performs tasks to ensure reliable and efficient use of technology resources for AEA and LEA clients.


  1. Two years media and/or computer technician degree or equivalent technical support experience.
  2. Five years professional experience in the area of technology.
  3. Advanced skills operating Windows and Macintosh software.

Essential Functions:

  1. Analyzes and identifies technology needs of the Agency and staff and leads, directs and coordinates projects, provides follow-up, and sets priorities and procedures for accomplishing identified needs.
  2. Delegates tasks to other team members and monitors projects for quality implementation.
  3. Actively seeks methods and means to facilitate the technology efforts of staff to ensure individual and program needs are met.
  4. Coordinates technology support procedures to ensure timely solutions to technology problems/issues.
  5. Advises and trains staff in the efficient and effective use of technology software/hardware.
  6. Evaluates technology support services and recommends changes as appropriate.
  7. Researches technology options, coordinates purchasing of new technology equipment and facilitates configuration of acquired technology resourcesWorks with supervisor and Technology Team on scheduling for district support.
  8. Consults and recommends software/hardware to be supported by the Agency. Follows up with business records, inventory, and training accordingly.
  9. Troubleshoots problems with Agency-supported software/hardware and manages service calls as needed.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Participates in projects, committees or activities to support the Agency’s mission, goals and priorities.
  2. Demonstrates self-discipline and initiative to produce high-quality, organized and dependable results.
  3. Maintains knowledge of progressive and innovative technology resources.
  4. Pursues professional growth opportunities and relationships to keep current with and influence technology services.
  5. Develops, maintains and processes records and documentation in accordance with Agency policies and procedures.
  6. Provides guidance and assists in the planning, development and implementation of staff development technology activities.
  7. Manages inventory of all computers and software owned by the Agency.
  8. Performs such other duties as may be assigned

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to communicate effectively and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders.
  2. Ability to function effectively as a team member and work collaboratively with others and/or independently as appropriate.
  3. Advanced technical knowledge of networking, PC and Macintosh computers and related hardware and software.
  4. Ability to develop work systems with minimum supervision.
  5. Ability and willingness to be flexible and respond to the changing needs of clients and the Agency.
  6. Ability to apply and integrate technical knowledge, techniques and expertise into an effective style of customer service.
  7. Ability to organize, interpret and use data to make sound decisions.
  8. Ability to lead, prioritize, coordinate multiple tasks, and collaboratively problem solve with individuals, groups and teams.
  9. Ability to develop long-range and short-range plans and manage projects collaboratively
  10. Effective in identifying and solving problems related to technology.
  11. Ability to read and interpret technical documents, write reports and correspondence, and apply appropriate mathematical concepts.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Ability to travel between client sites served.
  2. Normal, routine levels of activity related to bending, carrying, climbing, hearing, lifting, reaching, sitting, standing, vision and walking, and may also involve above-average levels of activity at times that can’t always be anticipated.
  3. Sufficient manual dexterity to be able to operate all equipment needed to complete assigned responsibilities.