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For Schools

We invite schools who are interested in the VREP program to contact us. We can provide you with in depth information about the entire project and connect you with other schools around you who are currently using VREP in their curriculum. In the future more information about the VREP program, its starter kits, and professional training opportunities for educators will be made available on this website.

When contacting us please let us know if you would like to be notified of future project updates.


For Parents

Parents interested in the VREP program for their school should contact their school's Parent and Teacher Association to begin encouraging their school's leaders to consider this program for their students. By letting your school know about the benefits of this program, parents can play an active role in influencing how science and math is being taught.


For Industry and Government

We are always looking for additional industry and government partners to help expand this program and make it more effective for all students. If you see your business or organization fitting in to help grow the program, please contact us to let us know how you might be able to help. It is with the cooperation of all of our partners that this program is continuing to make an impact on students..

Program Contacts

For Schools:
Rex Kozak
Principal, East Marshall High School
contact Rex

For Industry:
Jack Harris
Director, Advanced Manufacturing Technology at Rockwell-Collins, Inc.
contact Jack

For Educational Researchers:
Stephen Gilbert, PhD
Associate Director, Virtual Reality Application Center, Iowa State University
contact Stephen